Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Versus Review

I finally made it back to movie night at my brother's house.  This was Jason's pick.  Seeing as how the guy spent about ten years in Japan, I'm not surprised he picked this.  I will start with the good.  For a movie with a budget of about $400,000, they did a decent job.  The camera work is very good and the effects, while not great, are superb for such a small budget.  Overall, the acting isn't too bad but I have a hard time telling when the actors aren't speaking English.  But never mind that.  It still wasn't enough to save the movie.

This movie is just one big long fight scene.  And, while the fighting is good, it really makes for a thin movie that cannot hold my attention.  Add to that the fact that the gore is on par with movies like Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun and it's too much.  There is very little story or plot and, what there is, is just ... so ... bad!  I did find some of the characters entertaining (the flamboyant gangster was quite amusing throughout) but there were others that were not needed at all.  The runt, the cops and a few of the gangsters were not needed and if they had gotten rid of them, they could have taken some of the film to tell us what the hell was going on.  There's just so many holes and unanswered questions that makes this movie too confusing.

I wouldn't say it is unwatchable.  As I said, the fights are good and the camera work is quite decent.  But I have to recommend that you do not see this movie.  The confusion just isn't worth your time.  Stick to something like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero.

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