Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Vegas Vacation Review

I must admit, it took me 14 years to see this movie.  The only reason I did see it is because it came in a four-pack with the other three Vacation movies for $10 at Shoppers Drug Mart.  While it is still entertaining in its own way, it is by far the worst of the four.  I know I shouldn't expect too much from it because it is a Vacation movie.  But most of the time it just felt like they weren't trying.  For example, if they had spent just a few extra dollars, the green-screened shots of Clark at the Hoover Dam would have been much better.  I was also very disappointed in Randy Quaid (there's five words I never thought I'd have to say).  His character, while hilarious in the others is just bad here.

The whole movie is a lot like the others in the fact that there's very little story and it's just Chevy Chase's antics.  I will admit that his antics do make this movie watchable.  It is near impossible to not find Chevy Chase's subtlety funny.  But, for some reason, it did not seem to hold this movie together like with the other three.  I think part of the problem is that Audrey and Rusty are not complete losers in this one like they are in the others.  In the other movies, Clark is actually the least loserish of the bunch and it just doesn't feel the same.

That being said, there are a few redeeming qualities in this film.  I've already mentioned Chase's antics.  Those are quite good; especially his interactions with Wallace Shawn (the Blackjack dealer).  The scene with Clark in the dive casino playing the ludicrous games was quite funny too.  And, finally, Beverly D'Angelo is still smokin' hot (at least she was in 1997.  I have no idea about now); especially in the dress Wayne Newton gives her.

I'd say if you really feel the need to round off the whole franchise, you'll probably want to spend the 90 minutes.  Bad enough for me to say don't do that.  But, failing that, don't see it.  Watch Vacation or European Vacation and get the same type of movie but much better (Christmas Vacation is really different but just as good).

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