Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Ugly Truth Review

Just a bad movie all around.  A comedy is supposed to be funny.  This is not.  The story is weak, there's too many holes and the acting is bad.  I would expect bad acting from Katherine Heigl.  She never delivers.  But Gerard Butler was a surprise.  I normally like his acting.  But here, he was constantly talking out of the side of his mouth and it was just distracting.

There were two other big problems with this movie.  First, there was really nothing original.  Heigl going to dinner wearing vibrating underwear may seem original but all it does is create the same effect we saw in There's Something About Mary with the "hair gel" and the restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Second, the realism was lacking big time.  I'm willing to suspend belief when the type of movie warrants it.  Most romantic comedies do not.  There is absolutely no way that subject matter would be allowed on a morning show.  There is also no way a baseball team would put a woman frantically wiping a man's crotch to remove spilled soda on the jumbotron.  Finally, there is no way a late night talk show would ask the question that Craig Ferguson asked.

Do not see it.  It is just that bad.  I can't find any reason to justify watching it over just about any other romantic comedy.

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