Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fast Five Review

I love car chases.  Always have and I always will.  This movie does not disappoint in that.  Then again, if a Fast and Furious movie didn't deliver on the driving scenes, there's no way it would make money.

This movie starts out like it's going to be disappointing.  At the start, the acting is very wooden and the intensity between characters seems very forced.  However, once they get the whole heist portion (the real plot) of the movie started, the comic relief comes in and it seems that the whole cast relaxes.  That's when it gets really good.  There's a lot of jabs between characters and the acting picks up in quality.  It just seems that the timing gets better.

Sadly, we realize two things in this movie.  First, Vin Diesel should never smile.  Wow, he's a funny looking man.  Second, we found the type of character Dwayne Johnson should not play.  He's excellent when he's quiet and brooding or when he can get a bit goofy in an action comedy like he did in Faster, Be Cool and The Rundown.  In this one, he tries to be the intense, take no shit good guy and most of it seems very forced.

There's a lot of good action in this film.  As I said, the big chase is great.  The rest of the action is too.  Especially the big fight scene.  Some of the stuff near the end does not follow the prototypical line for movies like this.  I won't give it away though.

Definitely see it.  And, if you can see it in UltraAVX, do so.  The rumbling bass will actually shake your hair.  Also, I won't tell you why, but make sure you stay until the end of the credits.  Trust me.  And, if you do see it, maybe walk to the theatre or have someone pick you up after.  Your adrenaline will be so amped up that driving might actually be dangerous.

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