Monday, 30 May 2011

The Hangover Part II

I saw the first movie and thought it was funny but not anything near a classic.  I also had no desire at all to see it again.  So I should have known better.  This movie is nothing more than the first one regurgitated.  There is absolutely nothing to separate it from the original; not even the plot.  Save for some minor differences and pushing the envelope ever so slightly, it is the exact same movie.  I was skeptical going into it but I thought I should at least give it a chance.  And it really did nothing but disappoint.  I'm not the only one who felt this way.  The friend I saw it with had the same sentiments.  I also noticed that the audience wasn't really laughing that much either.

Most of the time I had to force myself to laugh.  I also found that there were a few instances that I thought were funny and I was literally the only person in the theatre that laughed.  I guess I'm not in college anymore or a redneck idiot (I'm speaking to you, idiot girl who sat behind me and gave a moronic play by play. THE POSTER HAS ED HELMS WITH A TATTOO! IT WASN'T SHOCKING TO SEE IT IN THE MOVIE!!!).  I just don't find uninspired low brow, appeal to the masses humour that funny.  There were a couple of Zach G moments that were humourous but most of them were the same old schtick.  It was funny in the first Hangover but wasn't even funny in Due Date.  We get it.  You can play "painfully awkward and quirky."  I realize it's the same character in this one so he has to play it like that.  But a repeat should never have been attempted.  Be careful Zach.  You are one more performance from forever being a one trick pony.  It may even be too late.

Don't see it.  In fact, if I find out you read this review and still paid money to see it, I will be very tempted to come to your house and beat you senseless with a spatula.  Everyone who put their name on this project should be very ashamed.  Sadly, it made a ton of money on opening week so we'll likely see a Part III (well, I won't but most of Saskatoon's intellectual "elite" will).  Let me guess, they go to Rio and Allan gets raped by a horny goat while taking care of a pet iguana and Stu gets his brain pierced.  Ridiculous.

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