Thursday, 23 June 2011

Blade Runner Review

Each person who makes a pick for movie night has to give a little introduction before we watch.  I'm glad David had to introduce this movie because, if he hadn't, I probably would not have liked it.  Keep in mind that I had never seen it before tonight.  I always thought Blade Runner was an action movie.  However, in David's introduction, he referred to it as Sci-Fi Film Noir.  Once I knew that, I knew what to expect and could enjoy it a lot more.

Film Noir is a good way to describe this movie.  It takes many elements from those old detective movies and combines them with modern, futuristic elements to create something that was quite unique at the time.  Watching Blade Runner for the first time almost 30 years after it was released gives one a different perspective on the movie.  First, I was surprised at how well it aged.  They did not rely too much on special effects (something you wouldn't expect in a Sci-Fi movie) and, instead, let the actors and the story do the work.  Second, you can really see how this film influenced the Sci-Fi genre.  There is definite foreshadowing to movies like Total Recall, The Fifth Element, Demolition Man and even the Sixth Day.

There were things that did disappoint me though.  For instance, I thought it took way too long to get the villains involved in the story.  I know the movie is supposed to focus on the Deckard character and his personal battles.  However, I had a hard time getting into that without fully understanding what he was fighting.  Secondly, there were times that it felt like Ridley Scott was trying to be a bit too artsy and allegorical with his shots and certain symbols (the dove and the nail through Batty's hand are good examples).  I felt that they were trying to make a moral statement about society but never really got there completely.  Had some of that stuff been let out, I think it would have actually made the film tighter.

All in all, though, you should see this movie.  Chances are that you've already seen it; especially if you are a Sci-Fi fan.  But it would be good to watch again just to realize how influential it has been on modern day movies.  If you have not seen it, it's worth watching because, as I said, it aged very well.

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