Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bean: The Movie Review

I need to start by saying I really like Mr Bean.  The sketches from British television are some of the best physical comedy that you will ever see.  Rowan Atkinson is brilliant in playing the ultimate buffoon.  The problem is that their genius is limited to the physical.  It's funny when there is little to no talking and Bean can just do his thing.  Interaction with other people is actually limited to them being stunned by his idiocy and trying to get away from or ignore him.  that is why it does not translate well to the big screen.

In order for the whole Mr Bean idea to make a movie, there is going to have to be dialogue.  You cannot rely on Atkinson wearing a turkey on his head for a whole 90 minutes.  Therefore, they have to bring in a plot, other actors, etc.  And that makes the whole thing fall flat.  Don't get me wrong.  There are times when Bean is engaging in his buffoonery that you do laugh.  But as soon as there is any interaction or plot development, it becomes quite a boring film.

That isn't to say that it is all the fault of trying to make a movie out of comedy sketches.  The film suffers from a weak story (A misrepresented Bean introducing a painting at an elaborate ceremony) and even weaker acting.  Aside from Atkinson just being Bean, there is not a good performance in this movie.  Even Atkinson's attempts at dialogue and non-traditional Bean antics seem forced and that's because it is out of character for Mr Bean to do those things.

Ultimately, do not see this movie.  If you want to laugh at Mr Bean, watch the church sketch or the one where he changes into his swimwear without taking off his pants or any other Bean sketch.  Those are pure gold.  The movie just isn't worth it.

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