Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Salt Review

I pretty much got what I expected.  The good things about this movie is that it moves very fast like an action thriller should.  The action is cool and they do a very good job creating tension with the music.  There are, however, two irreparable problems with the film.

First, I cannot believe Angelina Jolie as a spy.  Uber sexy grave robber, yes.  Incestuous mother of Alexander the Great, yes.  Computer animated succubus, yes.  But her look is too distinct to be an action thriller spy.  She's one of those actors that is always more than the role and, as a result, the film tends to suffer in its credibility.  She's great in the more comic book like stuff.  But she detracts from a movie like this.

Second, the movie is just too confusing.  We're supposed to spend our time wondering what side she's really on.  But, the suspense and twists are just too confusing to hold the viewer's attention.  By the time anything is resolved, the viewer just doesn't care anymore.

Don't bother seeing it.  Better films in the same vein are the Bourne movies and Taken.

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