Monday, 25 April 2011

Red Riding Hood Review

I really hate it when movies are set in days of yore yet the bare chested young men are still able to get their hands on the latest hair styling products.  That sums up this movie.  It is flat out ridiculous.  It was like I was watching a live action version of a bad romance novel cover.  It really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  And it's really sad because the premise for turning the classic fairy tale into a horror/thriller is a really good idea.  With today's special effects and movie standards, it had so much it could have been.  But instead, they decided to try and make it like Twilight.  It was billed as a horror/thriller.  It is neither.

On the technical standpoint, it is still a very, very bad movie.  The acting was horrendous.  Not that the actors had much of a script to work with in the first place.  Gary Oldman's performance was so bad that I actually got the feeling he was contractually obligated to do the movie but phoned it in out of spite.  Besides that, there are so many plot holes that it makes the whole story unbelievable even in it's own reality.  In a story like this, the audience has to suspend belief and let the fantasy unfold.  But there just seemed to be no logic to anything.  For example, rather than go rooting through everyone's stuff to find out who is the wolf, why don't they just make everyone step onto the church grounds?  The wolf cannot set foot on holy ground.  And take your damn helmet off if you're going to shoot a crossbow at a wolf!  No wonder you can't hit anything.  I could go on and on but this post would get too long.  So, you get the idea.

The verdict: (surprise, surprise) DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!  The only time it should be watched is if you're with a bunch of smart ass buddies and you can make fun of it while you're watching it.  In fact, I wish I had watched it in Karl's basement with Darren, Jason, Robin and Dave.  The jokes we came up with would have made it slightly more bearable.

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