Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Drive Angry Review (Minor Spoiler Alert)

I'm pretty sure that the film makers had a conversation that went: "OK, let's make a movie.  What are the last two movies you saw?  Faster and Hobo With A Shotgun?  OK, we'll combine those two.  Can we get Chad Kroeger to play the lead?  No?  OK, let's get Nicholas Cage.  But can we get him to visit Chad Kroeger's tailor and hairdresser?"

Going into this, I fully expected to use words like ridiculous, moronic and completely unecessary to describe it.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This movie is actually quite entertaining.  I knew it was going to be a bit hokey.  After all, it bombed and the premise is just plain stupid.  But, for what it is, it isn't badly written and the acting is actually very good.  Especially from Cage and William Fichtner.  Particularly Fichtner.  He's an absolute treat as the Accountant.  Yes, there are some roll your eyes cheesy deliveries all around.  But in this genre, that is unavoidable.

There's one minor problem that I can't seem to get over though.  Why does the first shot from the "Iron God Killer" not knock Cage right on his ass?  I know it's inconsequential and all but, while I don't care if the violence is unrealistic, I do expect it to be consistent.

Finally, any movie that ends with two guys driving a 1950s Chevy across a crumbling bridge into Hell while Meatloaf's Alive plays has got to be at least a little cool.

Anyways, I think you should see this movie.  But only if you're in the mood for over the top violence and explosions, cool slow motion action, hot cars and a lot of swearing.  Don't expect anything too deep.  And, thank goodness it isn't deep.  An attempt at that would just ruin it.

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