Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gran Torino Review

It took me a while to see this one which is odd.  Normally, I really like Clint Eastwood and anyone I knew who saw it said it was really good.  One problem that it has is that it starts out at an unbelievably slow pace.  Once it does pick up, it isn't a bad movie.  But it does suffer from some problems.

First, it seems like the writer was trying to see how many racial slurs Eastwood can spout in a two minute span.  While I understand that the Walt character is a bigot, I have a hard time believing that such an old curmudgeon would be that creative with his slurs.  Second, speaking of writing, I thought this movie was barely average in its script.  Third, Eastwood was not at his best.  His grunting was distracting and made me think he was trying to channel Slingblade.  And what's the deal with the finger gun stuff?  While trying to be cool, it just comes off as cheesy.

Now, the positives.  The guy who played the priest did a very good job as did the Hmong characters.  The use of Daisy the dog to evoke emotions from the audience was also well done.  Finally, the story is very good.  It is just not written well.

I'd say see it if you're in the mood for an emotional drama.  But, thankfully, you probably don't have to pay for it now.

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