Thursday, 17 March 2011

Welcome to See Don't See

I watch a lot of movies and my friends always seem to want my opinion on said movies.  So I was reviewing them on Facebook.  But that limits them to Facebook.  I have decided to branch out into a web log for my movie reviews so I can share them on Twitter as well.  This also lets me put them out there for everyone to see.  I will try to review all movies I see: old, new, seen for the first time, repeats, theatre, TV, etc.  As long as it's a feature length film, I will try to review it.  I may or may not give them star ratings but I will always end the posts with a See or Don't See recommendation.  So, please enjoy.  And if you agree or disagree with anything I say, please let me know.  I enjoy debating movies in a good humoured manner.

For updates, you can probably follow this web log in some manner.  Or follow me on Twitter: @chupievelez.

First up: Battle Los Angeles.

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