Thursday, 24 March 2011

Breathless (1960) Review

We do a movie night at my brother's place almost every week.  We rotate the choices and this one was Dave's.  When you watch it, you have to remember that it is a French movie from the early sixties that was using a lot of experimental techniques.  A lot of these techniques come off as choppy and hard to watch (hence, my headache at the end of it).  But I have to give them credit for trying new things.  B ut enough about the technical stuff.

As far as plot and entertainability, this movie is just OK.  For a while, it just doesn't go anywhere and seems to just be about this narcissistic jerk who is only happy when he is arguing with someone.  Then, you finally realize something is actually happening.  It really leaves it up to the viewer to interpret the story.  Sometimes that is OK and sometimes not.  In this case, it wasn't necessarily bad.  But with the difficulty in watching the technical aspects, it made it just have too much going on.

The verdict: see it if you are in an artsy mood and want something different.  But I wouldn't say you should go seeking it out.  If you stumble across it, it is worth the hour and a half.


  1. Yeah, I agree, Dave is stupid.
    - Trevor

  2. Heeeeeyyyy, I read this blog too!

    Tbor that was the greatest motion picture film, EVER!

    This movie makes more sense of you think of existentialism and the absurdity of life, I'm thinking of the main character murdering the cop and being so narcissistic.

    What's the point of life?

    also the girl, why does she turn him in?
    it is absurd, and it is life.

    On second thought, I agree with Trevor.