Saturday, 19 March 2011

Unthinkable (2010)

Ridiculous.  A situational morality play that just really doesn't make sense.  The whole idea is just so over the top as to make it unbelievable.  Jackson's performance as a sadistic interrogator is so over done that it is actually laughable.  It does get a little good with about twenty minutes left but then fizzles back to its previous mediocrity.  The only really believable character in the whole thing is Stephen Root's.  Carrie Ann Moss' performance could have even been pulled off by Cameron Diaz so we know that was average.  I also think it would have been good if Brandon Routh had been given a bigger part.  That all being said, there were some positives.  It is a very well shot and directed movie.  It just suffers from an uninspired story.  A good psychological thriller needs to be less predictable and have more twists.

Don't see.  Nobody can watch every movie and there's just a lot of other better ones to spend your time on.

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