Wednesday, 6 July 2011

X3: The Last Stand Review

This movie actually has a blue, furry Kelsey Grammar saying, "oh my stars and garters."  That pretty much sums it up.  I expect comic book movies to be cheesy.  However, with the quality of the first two in the series, I expected much more from the third installment.  It is pretty bad.

The story is OK.  Humans have found a "cure" for mutants and the mutants fight against it.  The problem is, while the story is OK, the writing definitely is not.  A lot of the lines between mutants seem to be inside jokes and come off awkward.  It also doesn't help that they ran out of ideas for cool mutations.  The main characters are still OK but almost all of the peripheral mutants' powers are just laughable.  For example, what kind of lame power is being able write on paper by just waving your hand over the paper?  It's reminiscent of Meg from Family Guy being able to grow her fingernails.

It, once again, brings forth the argument: does bad writing cause bad acting or does bad acting make the writing seem bad?  Once again, it is the former.  The only half-decent performance is from Hugh Jackman.  The talents of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are wasted.  In fact, I think they were just phoning it in; especially McKellan.  And I'm pretty sure they replaced Kelsey Grammar with a Kelsey Grammar robot.

Fortunately, I think this is the last we will see in this storyline.  We'll probably continue to get Origins movies like Wolverine and First Class (which completely contradicts the first few minutes of this one) but I can't see them trying to resurrect this line.  Don't see it.  The effects, while good, are nothing new and not enough to make it worthwhile.  And the "cliffhanger" from the second one isn't compelling enough to make it necessary.

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