Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bridesmaids Review

A lot of the hype I heard about this movie was that it was a "The Hangover for women."  That is true.  It's got the same kind of humour as the Hangover but it is toned down slightly.  The problem with making a movie like that is that you cannot rely on the over the top and crude humour for the whole thing.  If you are going to appeal to women as a whole, you are going to have to give the story some more depth and feeling.  So, Bridesmaids becomes this hybrid of the Hangover humour and some serious romantic parts.  The problem is that it's like oil and water.  The two just did not mix.  They were unable to put the two genres in the same scenes and you get a bit of a disjointed movie.

The comedy is great.  They make it funny without pushing the envelope too far.  While I did think the food poisoning part was a bit too much, the scene with a drugged out Kristen Wiig on the airplane is priceless.  Wiig also does a really good job with her soft spoken and almost mumbling delivery that made her on Saturday Night Live.  But the best comes from Melissa McCarthy.  To continue with the Hangover comparison, she's the Zach Galifinakis character.  But she is way better.  I got tired of Galifinakis in the Hangover.  I did not get tired of McCarthy's performance.  She steals every scene.

As for the depth aspect, these parts come off as a bit boring.  The serious character and plot development in this movie tends to drag on a bit too much.  Seeing as how it's two hours long, they could have cut about ten to twenty minutes and still had a good movie.  There is an exception here.  The dynamic between Wiig and Chris O'Dowd is very good.  They had an on screen chemistry that just worked.

I say see it.  But don't pay full, first run theatre prices.  It can wait for pay per view of Netflix.


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  2. Wow! What a terrible attempt at disguising your marketing!