Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Net Review

This movie is a perfect example of why you should watch any current technology based movie as soon as it comes out. Everything in it is so laughably out of date now that it is actually hard to watch. Having come out in the mid-90s, it did use the technology of the time and it was made for that audience. Because of that, I can respect what they were doing. The internet was so revolutionary and there was (and still is to an extent) a fear of what the new technology could do in the wrong hands. That's what they were trying to portray in The Net.

What I cannot respect is the absolutely terrible way they told the story.  This is supposed to be a thriller.  In a thriller, things have to happen.  A story has to take twists and turns and move at a quick pace.  None of that happens here.  In fact, when it was done, I thought, "nothing happened at all.". Sure, there was a plot (albeit a weak one). And things moved at a snail's pace.  But the level of intrigue is so low that it is easy to let your mind wander.  The good thing about that is that the story is so simple that if your mind wanders, you don't have a hard time picking up when you get back into it.  It's just that, when you do, it's still unbelievably boring.

Don't see it.

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