Friday, 22 March 2013

The Fantastic Four Review

When this movie came out, I thought that the effects were really good.  For the most part, they have stood the test of time.  The invisibility, flames, and human rock are all still very good.  However, the stretchy skin aspect of Reed Richards has not aged well.  This is supposed to be a super hero movie and whenever he does his thing, it comes off looking like something from The Mask.  It's more comical than anything and the leader of a super hero group should not be the comic relief.

Overall, the acting is as good as can be expected with the weak and quite lame and cheesy writing that has occured.  Chris Evans plays cocky quite well but was given absolutely moronic lines and the character suffered for it.  Jessica Alba is passable and Michael Chiklis delivers well for a character that is outside of his comfort zone.  He's at his best as a badass and Grimm is a more tenderhearted character with a rough exterior ( a cheesy allegory given e whole rock skin thing but that's the MO of Marvel).

The story is a good telling of the origins of the group but it is just that: only the origins.  The whole film is exposition and doesn't move on into a more self-contained story.  Building the whole thing for a sequel is a risky proposition.  Given at there is a sequel, I guess it paid off.  When I finally watch it, I'll review it too.

It moves fast and has a lot of good action sequences.  So for a comic book movie, it is good enough.  See it if you haven't already.

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