Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Review

I knew what I was getting into.  While I'm not really upset that I saw it, I do wonder why I took the time.  I knew there was going to be gratuitous drug use, profanity and sexuality.  After all, it's Harold & Kumar.  I knew it was going to have no basis in reality for the same reason.  But, I was expecting more legitimate movie making (plot, acting, writing, etc.) than I got.  The third Harold & Kumar is not much more than a Christmas themed Jackass 3D with blatant crap flying at you (literally and figuratively).

It's weird because both Kal Penn and John Cho are very good actors.  But here, they just didn't seem to have the same chemistry or drive to perform that they did when they went to White Castle.  Almost everything that Penn said seemed really forced and the reluctant Harold seemed more indifferent to getting involved in most of the antics than adamantly against them like they were developing the character to be.  It seemed to bleed over into the supporting cast as well because there really isn't a good performance with the exception of Neil Patrick Harris.  His performance is right up there with what he did in the first two.  (Although I didn't care for the Jesus scene.  But that wasn't his acting.  That was the fact that it is a topic that I draw a line at for entertainment personally.  I have no problem with having it in a movie but how you portray Jesus on screen is a fine line with me.  But that is 100% a personal opinion and I realize that everyone is different with that.)

In addition to NPH, I will say that there are two good things about this movie.  First, Waffle Bot was funny.  Second, The Danny Trejo as a child character was good for a laugh.

But even without the Jesus scene, I would still emphatically say do not see it.  It's just really bad.  I normally have no problem with the drug use and raunchy humour in movies.  But it has to be done in a clever and interesting way (like Pineapple Express or the first Harold & Kumar movie).  This was just phoning it in.

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