Monday, 9 January 2012

Convoy Review

I think there's about 7 people who read this web log.  So, Beth, Tammy, Lori, Karl, Darren, Jason and guy in Ukraine, this one's for you.  My apologies if you read this semi-regularly and I forgot you.  Thanks for reading.

What do you say about a movie that was based on a novelty country song in the 70s?  Compound that with the fact that the DVD copyrights were purchased by a company called "Cheesy Flicks" and you know you are in for a "winner."  You know it's going to be a very poorly made movie and you'd be right.  There is really nothing about this movie that is good.  Except for maybe the fact that it actually stays quite true to the song.  But that isn't enough to make it good.

You do have to realize that this movie is never meant to be anything more than a 70s road movie.  But even for that, it doesn't have the production quality to make it worth watching.  The writing, directing, lighting, etc etc etc is all pretty rough and put together very halfheartedly.  The acting, on the other hand isn't terrible.  It does have a good cast with Kris Kristofferson, Ernest Borgnine and Bert Young (it was interesting that, being released a year after Rocky, Young was driving for a company called Paulie's).  While none of them give the performance of their lives, they are watchable.  (I like Kristofferson.  Karl and I figure that Chuck Norris asked Kristofferson for permission before growing his beard.  Kristofferson is to Norris as VHS is to Betamax.  Superior in almost every way but the latter gets more attention and success. - But I digress.)

Finally, the story itself.  Sam Peckinpah never really decides what he wants to do with it.  It starts out like a fun little highway romp.  It even has what Karl and I termed a "dust opera" with semis driving on dirt roads accompanied by a classical music version of Convoy.  But then, after the midway point, it becomes quite dark and tries too late to be a serious movie.

Don't see it.  But you probably already figured that out when I said it was based on a 70s country song.

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